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​​​​​​​Kazuma Okabayashi

Kazuma Okabayashi, born and raised in Tokyo, found his calling as an artisan after stepping into the working world, specializing in creating leather goods such as wallets and bags. Despite the repetitiveness of his craft, Kazuma finds it fulfilling rather than monotonous. His journey with music started in his high school years, spending countless hours awaiting the arrival of new CDs and simply producing sounds with his guitar. His encounter with the Zoom MTR 'MRS-1044' sparked his interest in home recording.

Identifying himself within the 'gray zone' of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a category for those who strongly exhibit tendencies of ASD but lack formal medical recognition in Japan, Kazuma has endured his fair share of struggles. In a society that often lacks understanding of ASD, his student life was filled with challenges. However, it's these experiences that have fueled his passion to create music that brings color to the monochrome world of individuals with similar experiences.

Recording music is akin to a deep breath for Kazuma - not necessary, but immensely soothing. As a byproduct, he has produced a vast array of works, each with a positive message for people who harbor anxieties about developmental disorders. His ultimate goal is to leave a legacy of hope and positivity for the youth, using the recognition of his works to convey the wonders of this era. Kazuma continues to craft, create, and inspire in his hometown of Tokyo.

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