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Genfukei - Astral Basis

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“Astral Basis” is an album inspired by the profound concept of becoming a star, weaving together the sounds of New Age, Ambient, Bedroom Pop, and Gloomcore into a cohesive journey from the earthly to the celestial. It’s a musical exploration of the vastness of space, where each track serves as a beacon guiding the listener through the cosmos.

The essence of this album is captured in tracks such as “Stone,” “Yūnagi,” “Brightfall,” “Astral,” and “Basis,” each reflecting the transformative journey from the physical to the astral plane. These pieces embody the album’s core theme: the foundation of stars and the ethereal journey of becoming something greater than ourselves.

Drawing inspiration from the ambient works of Genfukei, “Astral Basis” delves into the use of higher frequencies, reminiscent of the wind’s whisper and the Earth’s breath. This exploration is a testament to the beauty found in the subtleties of sound, where the ambient becomes a canvas for the imagination.

The creation of “Astral Basis” was a meticulous process, with a particular focus on crafting a luminous sound through the use of electric guitar and multiple reverbs. The spring reverb, in particular, played a pivotal role, unlocking a spectrum of sonic possibilities and allowing each note to resonate with the vibrancy of starlight.

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