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Kazuma Okabayashi - Shifting Wall Shade

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This album is an attempt to express the passage of time and the changing of seasons through music. When each track was completed and the whole album came together as a single narrative, we wanted listeners to feel the abstract flow of time, much like sensing the changing seasons through the shifting shapes of shadows on a room’s walls. Just as a painting on a canvas can evoke different impressions based on the viewing angle and lighting, this album is designed to reveal various hues depending on the listener’s mood and setting.

“Vernal Surge” encapsulates the cheerful mood of welcoming spring, signaling the end of winter and the beginning of new life. This track embodies the dynamism of the moment when life awakens and everything begins anew, akin to winter snow melting into rivers that flow vigorously.

Meanwhile, “Rising Hope” conveys an optimistic message to those embarking on a new academic or fiscal year, encouraging them to take a step forward towards new challenges and dreams. It expresses the strong will to overcome the fears and anxieties of new encounters and challenges, inspiring hope and progression.

This album is filled with such individual stories, with the hope that every listener will find their own narrative within. It was created with the intention of resonating with the listener’s heart, making it a collection one would want to return to repeatedly. We hope this album adds new colors to your daily life and offers enriching moments.

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